Better to wallow in self-pity over nothing than to have actually screwed up your life.

Ted Chiang, Anxiety Is the Dizziness of Freedom, a long short story (about 19,000 words), via Kottke, about choices and their effects.

Here’s a short story by Felicia C Sullivan, “Even the Toaster Couldn’t Be Trusted: A short story about women who sleep with their eyes open”. It’s behind the Medium paywall but you should still have some of July’s 3 free reads left! ✏️

A short story, Sana and her portrait by Nardine. I haven’t been posting “Short fiction on Medium” for ages, partly because much of it is behind the paywall and I no longer subscribe. Here’s an exception.

The Girl in the Mirror. A short story by Jennifer Schmidt about beauty, disguise, selfhood and depersonalization. That’s a lot to fit into about 1,000 words, but it’s all there.

First dates can be unbearably stressful. Luckily for Heather (or is it Anna?), she has a coping mechanism and a concerned doctor. A short story by Yulia Fedorov. (I used to send out an email newsletter, “Short Fiction on Medium”. Apparently it’s morphed into an MB category.)