Democrats live in permanent fear of losing and trust the powers that be to pick someone whom they think other people would like.

I was starting to think “that’s a good example of comic exaggeration,” but then I remembered Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee for president ☹️

Venez nombreux et masqués faire la fête du jazz …

The Sunside is probably my favourite jazz club but it’s tiny. The thought of large numbers of people there, even masked, terrifies me. And drinking through a mask will certainly pose some difficulties 🎶

Enrico Terrinoni, the Italian translator of Joyce’s works, writes about Joyce’s affinity with Giordano Bruno and Bruno’s presence in Ulysses 📚

Just as my 3-month Deezer free trial subscription ends, here comes Spotify offering me 3 months for the price of one. However, I think I should forget about subscriptions for now and start to buy some (more) of the albums I’ve discovered during the Deezer trial 🎶

Apple removed subpixel antialiasing from macOS in 2018, the same month it retired its last non-retina notebook.

Niki Tonsky explains why (and how) you should turn off font smoothing on your MacBook. And change the resolution.

The card I use to pay my phone provider expired 2 months ago. I paid last month’s bill as a one-off but couldn’t find how to update the card. I’ve since made about 6 attempts but the web site just dumps me back at the login screen. So I tried Chat: offscreen text entry box 😡

I’ve updated the list of aphantasia posts on my personal site to add this morning’s I forgot the future and added a new MB category, Aphantasia.

Hiding from history: Conservative party deletes archive of speeches from internet. Originally posted by @Dave

I’ve just posted I forgot the future: SDAM, aphantasia and a purpose in life. Before I knew I had aphantasia and SDAM, a psychotherapist asked me what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I had no idea. But now I know.

Living with his family under restricted movement in the Netherlands during the pandemic, Brad Mehldau wrote and recorded an unscheduled and unexpected solo piano suite. It’s unsurprisingly sombre and subdued 🎶 🎹

As an island on the periphery of Europe, we should have expected a lower fatality rate than countries like Germany, Denmark, Portugal, Finland and many others. But the opposite is the case.

Irish Covid-19 death rate higher than comparable European countries’. Sorry, paywall.

It was okay to publish the now-discredited Steele dossier, because Trump is scum.

So says Matt Taibbi sarcastically in a newsletter that @Dave linked to. I missed that, when and how was it discredited?

What [governments] actually promise is to accept the money that only they can create to settle the tax liabilities that only they can impose. And that is precisely what they do …

Richard Murphy attempts to explode the myths about modern monetary theory (MMT)

While I was without a Mac, I installed the Linux subsystem for Windows, primarily so that I could run the bash wc command on text files to get their wordcounts. “Sledgehammer” and “nut” come to mind. Nice to have the Terminal back, even if I underuse it shamefully.

A short story by Niamh Campbell, “Love Many”, shortlisted for The Sunday Times Audible short story award ✏️

The Lost Generation, a short story by Rosemary Jenkinson about a school reunion after 25 years, from her collection Lifestyle Choice 10mg 📚

I got 17/30 or 57% in the font game. I’m annoyed that I got Myriad wrong, as I previously used it a lot. And I misidentified both Helvetica and Arial.

Emily Temple’s (first) novel, The Lightness is out. I’ll probably wait for the mass-market paperback (as is my wont), though I’ve been looking forward to it for a while 📖

It’s hard to judge whether one’s monthly subscriptions are good value. I don’t pay anything to The Guardian but every so often there’s a message at the bottom of a page, telling me how many of their stories I’ve read in the past month and it’s always more than I’d have expected.

Buying the wrong things, part 2. I don’t own a coffee grinder (because I get through it so quickly it doesn’t have time to lose flavour). Yesterday, distracted by the need to keep 2 metres from other shoppers, I stocked up on beans (similar packaging to the ground stuff) ☕️ 😡

Ah, now I see. It’s still possible to use Option as a compose key; but to get a circumflex you use Option-6 rather than Option-i. Option + a vowel will give an acute accent on that vowel. It makes sense, just needs a bit of getting used to.

I seem to have developed a talent for buying the wrong things. I meant to buy two novellas from MHP’s ebook sale, one of them being Wells’s The Time Machine, but instead came away with The Hound of the Baskervilles. Yesterday I did something similar 📚

One thing I’ve noticed about my recently purchased 2019 MacBook Air is that it no longer seems to be possible to use the keyboard to “compose” characters. If I type Option-i, for example, I get í instead of a circumflex over the following character. That’s a bit disconcerting.

Week 12 (already?!) of Melville House Press’s ebook sale features “a fantastic selection of novellas for $1.99”. Dostoevsky to Edgar Allan Poe, by way of Henry James 📚

Paolo Amoroso, a former Micro.blogger, recommends a new blog directory. It’s called