It was the era of supergroups but I’m doubtful if this one would have worked. I might be quite wrong but I don’t think the Miles of that period would have fit in with the others. Jimi could have been great with both of them, but separately. Then again … 🎶

Ted Gioia on Twitter: When you finally manage to pay the rent with your streaming royalties 🍿

Andrew Marvell died from an overdose of an opium-based malaria treatment, Stewart Mottram has found. I’m not so convinced that he would have eschewed quinine because of its association with Jesuits and Catholicism.

Is Brian Moore reemerging from obscurity? This is the second newspaper article I’ve read about him recently. The Emperor of Ice Cream📚 is one of the few early novels of his that I haven’t read. I wonder what I’d have made of it 35–40 years ago?

No GAA (Gaelic games) fixtures while the pandemic restrictions remain in force. Not much sport to be found. I hate that shade of green but have to admit that it brightens an otherwise drab day.

Felicia C Sullivan is going to post much less on Medium — sorry, paywall — and concentrate instead on her newsletter. I hope this doesn’t mean that we’ll be seeing less fiction from her.

It seems that Amazon is opening a fulfilment centre in Ireland because of Brexit. Otherwise there’d be delays and tax/duties on goods coming from Britain.

My three favourite Christopher Plummer films:

The Silent Partner (dir. Daryl Duke, 1978)

Ararat (Atom Egoyan, 2002)

Inside Man (Spike Lee, 2006)

I’d like to see all of them again 🍿

This is Elmo, my sister’s dog. I was staying with my sister when the original pandemic restrictions were brought in in March. I took Elmo for a walk almost every day from then till the end of July, when I moved out. I’m told he missed me at first but soon got used to my absence.

She lost in 1979 to … [Tory] Tony Marlow, a man who who opposed equal pay on the grounds that it gave power “to any feminist, any harridan, or any rattle-headed female with a chip on her bra-strap to take action against her employer”.

The 1970s were longer ago than they seem

It’s not obvious from the photo, I’m afraid, but there were layers of cloud over the “mountains” this morning.

Though I haven’t yet worn the shoes that one of my sisters gave me for Christmas, because the weather has been so wet and miserable in the meantime, it’s a comfort to me to know that they’ll be ready when I’m ready for them.

By me: Citing book and journal titles when posting on Medium and Substack. These platforms treat all inline italic text as emphasis. So how do you cite a book or periodical title? I look at 3 possibilities, including using emoji as markup.

I don’t drink coffee first thing in the morning: I prefer water then. I aim to have my first cup around 11 am but often I don’t get around to it till after midday, so on those days it’s not my morning beverage. Today it is, though.

I want the Dunning-Kruger effect to be real

… says Jonathan Jarry, before concluding that it probably isn’t. But why would he want it to be real? I find it encouraging to think that I might, after all, be as smart as I think I am (unlikely as that seems) h/t The Overspill

Randell Roberts, LA Times: Cicely Tyson and Miles Davis

B&W shot of Cicely Tyson and Miles Davis looking incredibly cool in the 60s

Here’s a close up of some of the books I discussed in the first six issues of my newsletter 📷

Complaints about the number of books in circulation started as soon as printing was invented.

That’s from Lapham’s Quarterly. So, if the claim that there are too many books could be made then with any degree of plausbility, it’s unquestionably true now.

“You can’t really be in a beautiful secluded part of the English countryside without thinking, ‘Oh man, someone’s going to get murdered soon …’”

Richard Osman who, like Graham Norton, used a successful career in television to build an “author platform”.

I’ve just sent out the 6th issue of my newsletter, Talk about books. This one is about Tana French’s first novel In the Woods. (Some of you may have read an earlier draft.) Next issue, I’ll be moving on to the second novel in the series, The Likeness, probably my favourite.

While I like Coppola’s The Conversation, I’ve slways felt that it was overpraised. This article does little to dissuade me from that opinion, though it makes me more sympathetic to Coppola 🍿

Replacing Calvinism with communism: Simon Kuper, whose biography of George Blake is just about to come out, on meeting the spy in Russia in 2012.

Ah, I see what it does now. It’s the shortcut for toggling the code font on and off. I didn’t notice before because I didn’t type anything after using the shortcut, just wondered why I was still looking at the same page!

I just noticed that, when I’m in the Substack editor, ⌘-` doesn’t have the expected effect (switching between browser windows in Safari), but does something strange to the line spacing instead. It’s not particularly inconvenient but it is disconcerting. I’m not used to it yet.

Well, carrying the bike up and down the stairs turns out to be no big deal. Carrying the shopping up to 4th floor (separately) is a major effort. I had been annoyed at people propping the fire doors open but I’m starting to understand why they do it.