I love Law & Order. Particularly seasons 5 through 17, when Jack McCoy was EADA. The first 4 seasons, though they had Steven Hill, might as well be a different show and the last 3 had just enough Waterston to be watchable.

I was taken aback by the tone of comments on this post about Angular. Not just disagreement but scorn, contumely and vituperation. Someone suggested it was because those commenting saw the post as an attack on their livelihoods. That hardly explains it, though 🤷🏻‍♂️

Alan Jacobs (@ayjay) was not happy with the ReMarkable (because of low contrast) or the Kobo Elipsa (poor build quality and unresponsive software), making me glad I’ve stuck with a succession of iPads. I’ve never been sold on the idea (or, tbh, the actuality) of eInk.

I hadn’t thought about BookFunnel for years till, a few days ago, I followed a link that led to a BF landing page. Today I learn (again via Nate Hoffelder) that BookFunnel now allows the use of custom domain names. I don’t think this has any relevance for me but maybe …

If you use an email address based on your own domain, don’t ever let that domain registration expire without first changing the email on your Paypal, bank account, online retail accounts and anything else that matters, warns Nate Hoffelder

I woke up in the night, thought I had something in my eye and tried to pull on my eyelash to dislodge it. But I couldn’t find the eyelash. So, when I got up this morning, I looked at my eyelashes in the mirror and … they’ve lost nearly all of their length. My eyes are going bald!

Ought-to-correct is such a bloody menace. Why do I ever have it turned on?

All of my devices (Mac, iPad, iPhone) are plugged in, charging. None of them is near where I want to sit. I guess I’ll just have to read a book.

I plugged my iPod Touch into the Mac to replace 2 albums that had managed to delete themselves from the former. When I ejected it, the screen brightness had turned itself down to the minimum setting and I couldn’t see how to turn it up again. What happened to “It just works”?

A few days ago I posted a rather gloomy piece about the crisis in the arts. To balance that out a bit, I wanted to remind myself of this more sanguine post from almost 2 years ago: Writing and survivorship bias

Note to self: next time I order from coffeeclick.ie I’m to get the Lavazza Gran Espresso rather than the Super Crema. (The latter was on special offer last time, so I got 2Kg of each to compare.) ☕️

I just posted this on Medium (aka my blog): “Don’t blame the pandemic: the arts were already in crisis”. To the best of my knowledge, it’s not behind the paywall. (If it is, let me know and I’ll post a friends link.)

I love this dismissal by @baldur of Kevin Kelly’s “1,000 true fans” notion. I wonder if there’s any empirical evidence either way, though. Has anyone ever managed to make a living off just 1,000 fans?

I just posted this on Medium: Habits and habitation.

My Twitter timeline is almost all in black & white this morning. What’s up?

If you enjoy the Bluestocking, … do howl into the Twitter void about it. I live only in the golden moment of your applause.

My favourite Substack newsletter (apart from my own, obviously).

I got a flat tyre 🚲 5 Km from home, on my way back from shopping in Westport. Normally, I’d have a spare inner tube in my pannier but bike shops have been closed recently, at least when I’ve been in the vicinity. I enjoyed the walk. Tyres overdue for replacement too.

Keychain refuses either to save my password for JSTOR or to suggest a new strong password when I reset it (which I’ve had to do regularly because it won’t save it). Extremely annoying. This time I’ve tried to pick one I’ll remember.

Having tried this approach for several days now, I confirm that leaving the coffee in the Aeropress for just 36 seconds works best for me. I use an espresso blend, dark roast and I want that dark roasted flavour, not “subtle tones of caramel and rosemary”, so I make it strong ☕️

Is it possible to crosspost to Twitter using the feed for a particular MB category (e.g. “tweet”)? I’ve tried a couple of times to set this up but I can’t figure it out 😵‍💫. I don’t want to crosspost everything but it would be handy for some posts. Thanks @help

I’m seeing a lot of mildly annoying posts from a particular writer on Medium, so I decide to unfollow her — only to find that I’m not following her. I’m seeing her posts because they’re “Popular on Medium”. I’ve no reason to block her and I don’t like muting people.

Medium has always tended to behave differently in Safari for iPad than it does in macOS Safari. I just discovered that if you’re editing a post on the iPad, you can’t remove a hyperlink, even though the relevant editing toolbar pops up. Headscratching.

I just got a text from officialdom asking if I was still living at the same address as when I came back to Ireland in Oct 2020. I’m not, so they asked me to submit a new Passenger Locator form. But I can’t because “the expected date of arrival can’t be in the past” 🤷🏻‍♂️

I’m encouraged to find that Andy Matuschak takes the same view as I do on the relative merits of PDF and epub.

Oddly enough, I wasn’t conscious of this when I was setting up the talkaboutbooks.net domain for my Substack newsletter but it’s just struck me that my reason for doing so was to be sure I could easily move to another host if I had to. I like Substack; I don’t (yet) trust it 😉