Why is it bad that investment companies are buying whole estates? Rents in and around Dublin are preposterously high, which is what has attracted the investment companies in the first place. They’ll increase the rental supply and that ought to stabilize or dampen rents.

I’ve owned a succession of iPads and iPod Touches but never, till today, an iPhone (it’s a 12 Mini). At first I thought I couldn’t open the sim tray: the instructions say “press firmly but don’t force it”. But it turns out that you have to force it or nothing will happen.

I followed Terence Eden’s advice to hide Trending topics on Twitter. I chose Finnish because not only do I not speak it but it bears no apparent relation to either of the languages I do speak. So now I see “suomen pankki” and think “wonder what that’s about? Should I click?”

I just accidentally deleted Kottke.org from NetNewsWire (moving my finger without noticing that it was touching the screen, happens to me a lot). So, I was about to add it again when I thought “leave it for the time being, no urgency”.

Writing about Midnight’s Children for my newsletter emphasized something that should have been obvious, but that I’d missed: I can still love Rushdie’s second novel while being disappointed by some of the subsequent ones (though not The Moor’s Last Sigh)

Adam Roberts on Twitter

I’ve just finished reading Emma Healey’s Whistle in the Dark. Not at all what the reviews led me to expect (a mystery/crime fiction) and quite slow early on, but well worth sticking with. Confirmation that Elizabeth is Missing (which I must reread) was not a flash in the pan 📖

In case you were wondering, a reminder as to why I no longer italicize book and journal titles in my Talk about books newsletter.

Several days late, the newest issue of my newsletter, Talk about books, is finally out. The title is Midnight’s Children: “A thousand and one dead ends”. Next issue is due 12 May (I’m moving from Sundays to Wednesdays): probably about Sally Rooney’s Conversations with Friends 📖

the salvation of humanity coming in the form of a cybernetically enhanced dolphin …

Why Johnny Mnemonic isn’t a bad movie. It’s been 30 years since I read William Gibson’s short story, but I don’t remember any dolphin in it 🍿 📚

This weekend the Bray jazz festival would normally take place. I miss it, and wonder who would have been playing. Next year, eh? 🎶

One year and 9 days after the last time, I just knocked over a full Aeropress ☕️. I’ll have to remember to be on my guard next April.

the collapse of Foster’s leadership … relates to her failing to vote against a ban on gay conversion therapy and resuming meetings with the Irish Government, despite pledging to boycott them …

Failing to vote against a ban? So is she for it or agin it?

How come Daniel Ek is a billionaire? Spotify really oughtn’t to be making anybody rich.

I didn’t know Tadd Dameron’s “Hot House” till I recently bought the Corea album Further Explorations🎶, but I recognized that it’s “quoted” in something else I know fairly well. Having racked my brains, I finally hit on Moroni/Pieranunzi🎹, “What Is This Thing Called Love?”

It appears that Will Oremus has accepted Medium’s severance money and left OneZero, though not (so far) for Substack.

I’m writing about Midnight’s Children for the next issue of my newslettern and found this excellent piece by Rushdie, in which he looks at the significance of his great novel 40 years on 📖

Terence Eden has an ingenious way to “hide” Trending topics on Twitter. But I think we need to get rid of them for everybody, not just ourselves. Still, I love the ingenuity.

Before StackOverflow existed, I used to Google how to do something and the top hit would be a forum reply to someone who’d asked the same question, telling him/her to Google it. These days, the top hit is incomprehensible to me.

I need to read 300 pages today if I’m going to finish rereading Midnight’s Children in time to write my newsletter at the weekend. I wish I could go and sit in a quiet coffee shop to do it. (At least the coffee’s better here, though I have to make it myself.) 📖

It finally struck me that the line from a song, “We got stars direct in our face” is really meant to be “We got stars directin’ our fates”. Easy mistake to make for someone who doesn’t believe in fate or celestial influence 🎶

I really hate liveblogs. Surely there’s a better way to cover events and announcements.

A woman would have told her where to stick him. But Jones had no female friends.

Review of John Sutherland’s biography of Monica Jones, whose student he was at Leicester 📖

I started to read Salman Rushdie’s Shalimar the Clown (2005) last night, and immediately realized that I’ve started to read it before, probably about 12 years ago. I don’t think I got very far into it then but I’ll be more persistent this time 📖

Ha! I got 8 out of 10 in this Game of Thrones quiz and I never read any of the books or saw a single episode of the tv show. (That’s what I do: I ignore hit tv series and I know things.) 📺