Gina Gershon’s motorbiking, Die Hard-loving detective was secretly the criminal mastermind behind the “Golden Gang” bank robbers.

… in something called “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”. Why did nobody tell me about this? 10 of the best bent coppers on TV, it says here 📺

I opened up a Robinhood account very early on, but for me, the mobile-only functionality was a dealbreaker. I didn’t want to be trading “on-the-go”. If I wasn’t sitting at a desk, in front of a large screen, fully at attention, it was best not to trade.

Ranjan Roy The Margins

The ideal Law & Order: Criminal Intent detective pairing would have been Jeff Goldblum (Zach Nichols) and Kathryn Erbe (Alex Eames). I think that might even have happened for an episode or two but I didn’t see them 📺

Here’s M G Siegler on Twitter’s acquisition of Revue, and what that means for Substack. Having read his analysis, I’m still inclined to stick with Substack for the foreseeable and beyond.

The management company of the building in which I rent an apartment say they’ve disabled the lift because of service charge unpaid (by my landlord, among others) and are threatening to withdraw other services to make the building uninhabitable. Can I get my bike down the stairs?

If I had a suspicious mind, I’d wonder if some person or group had cleverly gone around various crucial open source projects after 2010 introducing subtle but exploitable flaws, knowing that very few people would review the code …

But you do have a suspicious mind, Charles

I had been dragging my heels a bit about updating to iPadOS 14.4 until I read about the security bugs that “may have been actively exploited”. All up to date now, though.

If the company publishes op-eds from the usual suspects in tech about how revolutionary their cryptocurrency-powered food replacements are, the impact it will have on the broader media landscape is probably minimal. But …

We live in interesting times, heaven help us via @dave

I just saw the title of a post on Medium by Seth Godin: “Passion is a choice”. I didn’t read the post because paywall but, no, passion is by definition not a choice. “Passion” is to “passive” as “action” is to “active”. “The best lack all conviction, while the worst …”

Remember that scene from the Sopranos, where Tony’s wife calls to buy 5000 shares of Webonics, after she was manipulated emotionally to so? Institutions and hedge funds want us to be stuck in that world.

Tony’s wife”? I seem to remember that she had an actual name. Carmela?

I just searched for a book on bookshop site and got no hits, so I searched on — my usual next step when Kennys don’t have what I want. Alibris had several copies, including one offered by Kennys! Somebody’s database isn’t wholly up to date.

I’ve never had a problem with TextEdit before, or not that I’ve noticed, but it’s suddenly deleting the wrong paragraphs, and when I undo the delete it restores different paragraphs, and it’s suddenly making me very nervous about possibly losing or mangling my work.

A cold, bright day. So far, at least. I shouldn’t be surprised if it gets darker later.

Sir Edward Carson, who prosecuted in Oscar Wilde’s trial for gross indecency, brought to his crossexamination of the playwright “all the added bitterness of an old friend”. The two had known each other since childhood in Dublin 📖

Go home? I am home. Why would you think I was anywhere else?

I had noticed that Lawrence Lessig has been posting behind the Medium paywall. Here’s his rationale. He also posts “friend links” (which bypass the paywall) on Tumblr, Twitter (and elsewhere, I think) so people who aren’t Medium members can still read them.

I’m reading Ian McEwan’s The Children Act again and, so far, enjoying it more than I did on first reading, about 3 years ago. I reread Enduring Love in Sep/Oct after a gap of 20 years. I’ve generally found that his books repay/require rereading. Regret leaving Atonement behind 📖

McConnell, focussed on Republican judicial appointments, “made a Faustian deal for all those judges.”

The New Yorker. Well, he got his judges. Faustian deals are remarkably effective, if you don’t value your soul.

I bet Netflix will change the ending of Behind Her Eyes. I can’t see how they would make the book’s ending work on tv. You need time and words to sell it. An audience watching on tv would just go “Huh?” 📺 📚

Small mountains, biggish sky.

Via Charles Arthur’s Overspill blog, I see that computer makers are finally moving away from the 16:9 aspect ratio. Why did it take so long? I’ve been complaining about these dimensions for at least 12 years. I mean, who wants to interact with their computer through a letterbox?

After an absence of two years, I went back to Twitter at the end of November, starting from scratch with a new account. I’m going to be much more careful who I follow this time around. It feels weird being back but I think I’ll get used to it. And MB takes priority, of course.

The frequently visited list in Safari on my iPad is mainly made up of sites that I almost never visit on the iPad, making it a frustratingly useless feature. There should be a way to keep iPad Safari separate from macOS Safari.

It’s 25 years since Our Friends in the North first appeared on our television screens. It was great, of course. Gosh, was it dispiriting, though. Defeat after defeat after defeat. And then we had “New Labour” 📺

Tech offers me phones-that-are-really-cameras, tablets, smart watches, ereaders, home speakers, media streaming, voice search, and lots of other things, none of which is what I want. What do I want? I seem to have forgotten. Maybe this.