Trying to type in the dark on a keyboard without a backlight, I realize that my touch-typing is not as good as I thought it was. The keyboard is quiet but table has an uneven surface, so the process is noisier than I feel comfortable with in the early hours of the morning ✏️

Adam Roberts did not find it straightforward to format an ebook and send it into the world

You know who ne’er must deale with swich annoys?
Kates, Virgile, Omer, Shakspere or Jaimis Joys.

It seems that the book in question is Kindle-only and illustrated 📚

I haven’t any printed books to read for now so I’ve been excavating my Apple Books library. I just read Andrew Taylor’s The American Boy which has been sitting there, waiting patiently for me to get around to it, for at least a couple of years. Sorry I waited so long 📖

The Irish Times has a go at ranking Christopher Nolan’s films. I used to try to persuade myself that he’d made another film almost as good as Memento. He hasn’t, and he won’t. I particularly dislike the Batman trilogy and Inception 🍿

I’m watching Destroyer, directed by Karyn Kusama and starring Nicole Kidman (also Tatiana Maslany, looking nothing like an Orphan Black clone), on tv (Canal+). Kidman’s permanently clenched jaw reminds me a lot of Harriet Walter in Law & Order: UK 🍿 📺

Hey, Google, it looks like it hasn’t occurred to you that the fact that there aren’t any hits for my search term might be telling me exactly what I wanted to know.

I Googled find free articles Medium and I got lots of hits telling me how to circumvent the paywall and read premium articles. If I wanted to read premium articles, I’d go back to paying $5 a month: it’s not exorbitant. How do I find stories that aren’t behind the paywall?

A new post by me Reading poetry in scholarly editions ✏️

Malcolm Gladwell has a theory of mystery/thriller/detective fiction. Where I think it falls down is in the idea of “the Northern”, in which category he includes the tv series Law & Order and Scandinavian authors including Jo Nesbø.

Here’s a short story by Dearbhaile Houston, who is working on a collection of short stories. The title is Viscera and it’s about dissecting the entrails of an unsatisfactory relationship before it has officially died ✏️

The public middle school in Menlo Park, where Schaake now resides, has students who are homeless, although the area’s average home value is almost $2.5 million.

What’s with the “although”? “Because”, surely?

I don’t own any Sonny Clark albums (and I’m pleasantly surprised to learn that he recorded a relatively substantial amount before his early death), so I’m grateful for this recommendation by Richard Williams of a trio session, Blues in the Night 🎶 🎹

The New Yorker has a new story by Haruki Murakami. And this: “You Are My Dear Friend”, by Madhuri Vijay, the story of a thirtyish former au pair who marries a much older man and adopts an 8-year-old girl from an impoverished background

You are my dear friend illustration

Better to wallow in self-pity over nothing than to have actually screwed up your life.

Ted Chiang, Anxiety Is the Dizziness of Freedom, a long short story (about 19,000 words), via Kottke, about choices and their effects.

The view from my hotel room in Pau, Pyrénées Atlantiques.

I’ve just posted the third and final part of A good masculinity is hard to find. The third part is subtitled “Gender as behaviour” and in it I reexamine beliefs that I’ve held for most of my adult life.

I’m planning to delete my Google account in October, having used Gmail as my email provider for 15 years. I am very tempted to just zap it and take my chances but I suppose I’ll have to download the archive. It bothers me that these days nothing just disappears, leaving no trace.

I quite often find myself wondering why I’m still following John Naughton. Then he links to something like this — Ted Gioia, Why Gregory Bateson matters — and the answer is obvious.

I wish iPadOS had the option to type curly single quotes by default but straight double ones. The could call it “really smart quotes”.

I’ve seen a wild boar fairly close, when it crossed a remote country road in front of me. I don’t think I’d have chased after one, even if it had stolen my computer, particularly not if it thought I was trying to take its food.

Mark Dawson just revealed a corrupt system, writes Annika Karody on the Melville House blog. Dawson is a brilliant marketer but (on the strength of the only book of his that I’ve read, one of the Beatrix Rose series) an extremely mediocre writer 📚

Excel doesn’t offer the option to turn off this auto-formatting, and the only way to avoid it is to change the data type for individual columns.

Scientists rename human genes to stop Microsoft Excel from misreading them as dates. Tail, stop wagging that dog!

I assumed from the moment that I first heard about wireless charging that it must be wasteful and inefficient as compared with the old fashioned, wired, alternative. Now it seems there’s confirmation.

Jason Kottke has a chili recipe “concocted through practice and improvisation” by one of the most influential musical improvisors ever 🎶

Here’s a new short story by Naoise Dolan, Family News told from the point of view of an effectively homeless woman who has moved in with her older sister and niece. I found it a bit close to the bone, because of similarities to my own recent circustances ✏️