I love the fact that you can set up Safari to use Reader View automatically with particular sites. I had done this already with Wikipedia. Now I’ve done it with The Irish Times too and I can feel my blood pressure getting back to normal already.

The Irish Times’s insistence on serving up a mobile site to Safari 14 on a MacBook Air is making me want to throw somebody out the window. I’ve tried changing the user agent string but that has no effect. I suppose I could install another browser but I’d much rather not.

I hate maps embedded on web pages. They’re often too small to be useful, and if you use a trackpad, you’ll be scrolling down a page and suddenly find you’ve stopped scrolling and have zoomed out as far as you can go. If you must have a map on your page, don’t let it zoom.

Now I’m getting the desktop version of The Irish Times on iPad and the mobile version on MacBook Air (Safari 14). The world really has turned upside down. I was trying to find a way to cancel my subscription on the mobile site and I accidentally upgraded to Premium (I think) 🙃

Since I installed Safari 14, The Irish Times is showing me what looks like a mobile version of their site, with a very annoying back-to-the-top arrow at the bottom of the screen. If this continues, it will be the excuse I’ve been looking for to cancel my subscription.

With 1.4GB of the 5.27GB downloaded so far, the speed has dropped to 233KB per second and the estimated time left is still over 4 hours.

I’m trying to download a Windows recovery ISO image (5.27GB) over a hotel wifi connection at about 300KB per second. And I’m not even sure it’s going to work even if I do manage to download it.

Oh, so that’s where the expression “be kind, rewind” comes from. I’m old enough to have had a collection of vinyl LPs in the 1970s but somehow VHS passed me by. The first time I visited a Blockbuster, it was to rent a DVD.

I’ve just posted “I think I’m finally over France: I may have been trying to relive my experiences in actuality because I can’t recapture them in memory”

I know I’ve said this before but I really don’t get the impetus towards ever thinner bezels. I’ve got the 3rd generation iPad Air and I find the side bezels already a bit too thin to hold it comfortably. I often multitouch the screen unintentionally.

iPadOS 14: I’m seeing “Update requested” and “Estimating time remaining” for 20 minutes now. Maybe I’ll give up and try again tonight … or next week ☹️

I finished reading Doug Johnstone’s Hit & Run last night, as iPad battery reached 2%. Fairly compelling plot, but I can’t understand how others were so forgiving of the doltish point-of-view character (not “narrator” as I previously said: it’s told in the 3rd person) 📚

I’ve started to read Doug Johnstone’s Hit & Run, which I found in Apple Books library. I must have downloaded it when it was free. Plot is OK (crime boss hit & run corpse first mistaken for a suicide, then a murder victim) but the most annoying narrator in all of fiction 📚

It’s no defence (or mitigation) to say that breach of treaty obligations will be “specific and limited”. Most infringements are. I really don’t want to think about breaches of international law that are generalized and universal.

Roger Stone … has said Trump should seize total power and jail prominent figures including Bill and Hillary Clinton and Mark Zuckerberg if he loses to Joe Biden in November.

Another good reason to vote Biden 😜

I just tried to read a story on LitHub and got this monstrosity. Neither of the apparent “buttons” — “Accept all” or “Read more …” — responds to being clicked or tapped or anything else. Just as well I have Safari’s Reader View.

Rooting about on an external hard disk that I hadn’t paid much attention to recently, I find that I’ve got all of the first 4 seasons of Orphan Black. I don’t think I’ve yet seen more than 2 episodes of the fifth, but at least I can refresh my memory of all that went before 📺

I’ve just posted Even plainer text. A suggestion for writing a basically structured document in plain (i.e. UTF-8) text without reference to an external style sheet and with as little markup as possible.

Someone who doesn’t need to tell you how clever they are while doing something clever is a political journalist’s nightmare. Tactical boringness is a great weapon.

Helen Lewis, speculating about Kier Starmer. Another Substack newsletter you should have in your feed reader.

I’m having to skip my coffee this morning so I’m not in the best of moods. I’ll make up for it in the afternoon, though ☕️

Social media itself is not the existential threat. Rather, it’s the way that social media surfaces and amplifies the worst of humanity.

Wired. The problem is not what it is but what it does? Or the social networks have been unlucky in their choice of species to pander to?

Pianist Marc Copland writes about the significance and genius of Gary Peacock whom he knew since 1983 and who died a few days ago 🎹 🎶

Martyn Turner cartoon in The Irish Times

Martyn Turner on Brexit and Covid

I got an email from a mailing list to my old address saying at the bottom “If you’ve changed your email address, update your account details”. So I logged on to their site and found I’d updated my email address there weeks ago. Pointless: they’re still using the old address!

I’m excited at the prospect of an album by pianist Dominik Wania but I sort of wish it wasn’t a solo album on ECM, which is likely to be subdued and restrained. I have Aaron Parks’s Arborescence (a solo album on ECM) and it’s the album of his that I listen to least 🎶 🎹