It’s Bandcamp Friday (the day on which Bandcamp waives its fees, so more money goes to the musicians) and I’ve just bought 2 albums, both by the Sunna Gunnlaugs Trio 🎹 🎶

I know I’m going to order an M1 MacBook Air sooner or later, so why wait? OTOH, I’m still happy with 2019 model, which is less than 10 months old: I bought a refurb after 2020 model was announced, partly to see if I could get on with the maligned butterfly key switches. I can.

It seems that blockchain is the future of digital rights management. Bet you didn’t see that coming 🎶

Pianist Dan Tepfer, Eric Harland (drums) and Jorge Roeder (bass) play a jazz trio performance 130 miles away from each other, using JackTrip open source software 🎹 🎶

I’m glad I didn’t read this Irish Times piece by Roisín O’Donnell before I wrote about her short stories, because it would have coloured my opinion of them. On the other hand, I’m sorry I didn’t read it first because it would have informed my opinion 📖

I never read much serious science fiction. I’ve just now understood why: throughout my 20s and into my 30s, I was a marxist, and couldn’t interest myself in books whose imagined futures were at odds with my own. I haven’t been a marxist for over 25 years, but the habit has stuck.

One reason I thought about switching my newsletter to Buttondown is that it’s just about the only newsletter provider that lets you disable the tracking pixel. However, I don’t think Substack uses that data itself, just provides it to newsletter writers who can use it or not.

I’ve just sent out the most recent issue of my Talk about books newsletter. This issue is titled Roisín O’Donnell, Wild Quiet: The “Irish” short story in the 2010s. I hope you enjoy it (if that’s your kind of thing) 📖

I just spent a few hours fiddling about with CSS/design on Buttondown, trying to get my newsletter to look the way I wanted. In the end, though, I decided to stay with Substack, so I deleted the Buttondown account. I should be writing, not attempting to design something.

I’ve just exported the first three months’ worth of data from Substack (because I’m probably going to switch to Buttondown). I’m impressed and a bit surprised at how clean and straightforward the Substack HTML is — possibly because it has to be displayed in an email client.

And then I went back to iTunes and found the album immediately, searching for “Corea Clarke White”, rather than “Forever Chick Corea Stanley Clarke” and variations on that. Got to get your search terms exactly right, it seems ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I just bought something on eBay for the first time in … I don’t know, I’d say about 14 years. I couldn’t find this album on the iTunes Store so I thought I’d look for the cd, comme les bons vieux temps. Bizarre that it’s not available for download 🎶 🎹

Last summer, I wrote a post in which I claimed that PDF is a preferable publishing format to ePub. I still believe that, but I think I was wrong about the optimal page size.

I’m waiting and hoping for some major musical artist to say, “Screw this. I’m taking my music off all of the streaming services, and instead will sell it from my website and on Bandcamp.”

writes Alan Jacobs (@ayjay).

Substack is offering “Better analytics for your subscribers”. I’m not sure I need this but I’m pleased to know that Substack is rapidly improving its service, and most of the comments on the post are wildly enthusiastic.

Medium is now allowing custom domain names again. I’m thinking about making my Medium profile a subdomain of my own site (e.g.“blog”) but I’m not convinced it’s worth it. I’ve got to the stage where I prefer to post on my site anyway.

I’m not watching the tv adaptation of Behind Her Eyes, though I’m sure I’d do so if I had a tv. My original mini-review of the book from a few years ago is now on the book reviews page on my site 📚📺

Anyone who refers to film, music, or writing as “content” is simply not a trustworthy custodian of anything of cultural value.

Martin Scorsese and Ted Gioia agree 🍿📚🎹🎭📺

Every web server can – and should – gzip files on transmission. Manually zipping a single file on your server doesn’t save any download time. It doesn’t save any bandwidth.

From Terence Eden’s blog

A day late but worth waiting for: the latest issue of my newsletter, Talk about books, discusses the second of Tana French’s novels, The Likeness. It’s the first of her books that I read, and my favourite (though I’d recommend reading In the Woods first)

I liked Jonathan Carroll’s The Chocolate Conductor, kind of a character study but (unless the narrator is also a fictional character — now I’m not sure) of an actually existing person. On Medium but not paywalled.

Veteran jazz critic John Fordham lists Chick Corea’s 10 greatest recordings. I’ve been meaning for years now to get a copy of Further Explorations but somehow never got around to it. It’s moved to the top of the list 🎹 🎶

And there are very few opportunities in life to have it both ways; semicolons are the rare instance in which you can; there is absolutely no downside.

Hard to argue with that. Lauren Oyler in New York Times magazine

I’m remembering Chick Corea by listening to his recording of Bud Powell’s “Tempus Fugit”, with Marcus Gilmore (drums) and Carlitos del Puerto (bass)

Chick Corea is reported to have died at the age of 79. This has come as a big shock to me 🎹 🎶