Here’s a short story by Felicia C Sullivan, “Even the Toaster Couldn’t Be Trusted: A short story about women who sleep with their eyes open”. It’s behind the Medium paywall but you should still have some of July’s 3 free reads left! ✏️

Richard Williams has been listening to Lucio Battisti. By chance, I first heard of Battisti only recently when listening to an album by Doctor 3 dedicated to his music, Canto libero. I’ve loved Mi ritorni in mente for years, without knowing who wrote it 🎹 🎶

Probably I’m missing something but I can’t help feeling that Modern Monetary Theory is just a catchy new name for something that should be obvious to anyone with a passing familiarity with Keynes’s ideas. Via Richard Murphy

Magpie sheltering from the rain.

I am advised to “shield”, keep my head in my shell, isolate with some minimal bubble socialising. Till when? Vaccine or virus extinction. Somewhere over the rainbow.

John Sutherland has lived longer than anyone in his family for 9 generations. What now?

It makes a change to read a review of an album that I already have, Brad Mehldau’s Suite: April 2020. I haven’t got the vinyl edition of course, but a digital download from Bandcamp 🎶 🎹

After a gap of about 2 months, Marks & Spencer have got their ground espresso ☕️ back in stock, and it’s sooooo much nicer than what I’ve been making do with in its absence.

The sheer number of markets Google dominates — mobile operating systems, general search, online video, mapping, email, display advertising, and browsers — lets the corporation structure the internet itself.

Matt Stoller’s BIG newsletter is a year old, and it’s big.

By me: PDF is preferable to ePub, even on small screens. Long form texts, including fiction, may lose readers when posted as multiple HTML pages. I think I’ve found the best PDF page size for reading on (almost) any screen ✏️

It’s just struck me that the app/feature I’d most like to see in iPadOS is the MacOS Preview. Preview is great for all sorts of graphic things but it’s indispensable for dealing with PDFs: adding, removing and reordering pages etc.

This is probably an accurate reading of the situation, if a bit cynical. Richard Murphy on Starmer’s sacking of Long-Bailey.

Most of the books recommended by Stephen M Tomic (see previous post) are Kindle only. Here’s one that isn’t (though international orders are suspended for now). While I haven’t read the book, I’ve been impressed by Hengtee Lim’s fiction on Medium 📖

A few years ago, when I was sending out my weekly newsletter, “Recommended short fiction on Medium”, Stephen M Tomic was among the top writers I recommended. He’s also founder of The Junction and here are his recommendations of books by writers he’s published there 📚

A fleeting chance to share an intimate gig with Fred Hersch on piano and Esperanza Spalding, here on vocals alone, without her bass.

The piano-bass duo is absolutely my favourite ensemble. The prospect of hearing Ms Spalding not playing the bass is highly frustrating! 🎹 🎶

So, will be coming to the UK. (I’m not in the UK, of course, but I buy some books through Alibris.) I think this is broadly good, notwithstanding the reservations in the post. I’ll continue to buy direct from Irish booksellers when they’ve got the book I want 📚

While I’m on the subject of Keen: I think that the pundits who are comparing it to Pinterest are missing the point. Sure, Pinterest describes itself as a visual search engine, but that’s not how people generally use it. Keen is about search/discovery, but not particularly visual.

I’m conflicted about Google’s experimental Keen: I’d love to ignore it, although I’ve speculated before that AI-driven search and recommendation engines may give much better results than the algorithmic kinds we’re used to ¯\(ツ)

I don’t usually like audiobooks — without something to keep my eyes occupied, my attention tends to wander — but I’ve been enjoying listening to Helen Lewis read her own Difficult Women on BBC Radio 4’s Book of the Week. She also has a Substack newsletter 📚

I’m sorry to see the end of the Segway though as a cyclist I’m predisposed to think that any trip that could be made on a Segway could more easily be made on a bike 🚲

television productions of Shakespeare diverted people from the text and delivered them into the hands of a director.

John Henry Jones, paraphrasing his sometime landlord, William Empson. Makes me feel better about my preference for reading plays over watching them. 24-hr link

I was culling feeds in NetNewsWire yesterday, mainly expunging those whose content is largely tech-related, and I considered removing Jason Kottke’s. I decided against it and just a day later he comes up with a previously unreleased Monk live album 😎 🎶 🎹

Forgotten plays: No 4 – Howard Brenton’s Bloody Poetry (1984). I saw a revival of this play in the early 90s. I’d read, not seen, some of his early agitprop; this was more subtle 🎭

I’ve noticed that when I post fiction in multiple parts, the first part gets page views but these drop off quickly. So, as an alternative to proceeding to part 2, I’m going to offer the option of downloading the whole story in PDF. The first one is Protected ✏️

I’ve been using Gmail as my main email provider since 2005. I never bothered to move because Google must long since know everything worth knowing about me. However, I’ve now finally set up an email address at my own domain, using Zoho. Disengagement from Google begins.

Today’s Diverted Traffic from the London Review of Books is William Empson’s Fairy Flight in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I’ve read it before (I think it’s in one of Haffenden’s collections) but I’m glad to have a 24-hour window to refamilarize myself with its argument ✏️