This morning I read for the first time a post from Jan 2020 by Ryan Langdon about his shock on learning that some people don’t have an internal monologue. It immediately rang bells with me, reminding my of my own post on aphantasia and executive function.

Economics Substacker Noah Smith is very good on the topic of Twitter. I think I previously posted a link to The Terrific Triviality of Twitter. Now he’s resurrected his ur-post on the topic, from 4 years ago but still right.

It’s more than 30 years since I read The Handmaid’s Tale. I think it’s well past time that I reread it 📖

Here’s Dea Poirier on Crime Reads about writing fiction without the ability to visualize. I don’t think I’d ever go as far as filling out an Excel spreadsheet to keep track, but this is helpful nevertheless.

I hadn’t seen this before, and stumbled on it while looking for something else: Eileen Battersby’s ranking of Ian McEwan’s novels. Among the ones to avoid, she includes some I really like: Enduring Love, Saturday and Sweet Tooth 📖

The internet is flowing like sludge. I wonder if there can be some kind of sporting event taking place that’s using up everybody’s bandwidth?

Since I started to use Medium with my own domain, I find that I’m very happy with it as a place to post my own writing. As a place to find things I want to read, though, it’s useless. I expected recommendations to improve with resumed membership, but no.

It’s occurred to me that maybe I should sell my iPad Air 3 and my iPhone 12 Mini and replace them both with a regular iPhone 12, but I’ll resist the temptation. For now.

I’m finding that I tend to skip over tweets (and posts) that have multiple emojis, much as I used to do with tweets containing more than one hashtag. Too much effort required to decipher.

I hope I’m not being unfair to Alexis Nowicki when I say that I don’t believe that Kristen Roupenian did anything wrong.

From the most recent issue of my newsletter, Uncovering the hidden side of Margot: the truth about “Cat Person”

What iOS and iPad need, IMO, is an easy, unambiguous way to collapse a selection. I’m fed up tapping at the end of a piece of selected text only to follow a link or activate a tightly packed control unintentionally. These are small screens, Apple, and I have fat fingers.

Here’s a highly informative post by Richard Williams about Mose Allison, about whom I knew less than I should have. I’m not sure I want a 6-CD box, but I’d love to hear 🎹Lessons in Living🎶 at least.

My posts on Medium have been getting much less external (i.e. mainly Google) traffic recently. Maybe this was already happening before I was using my own domain name with Medium. I’d hate to think that posts on my own domain (but hosted at Medium) would be less visible to Google.

There’s lots to think about in this post from Noah Smith: Why is China smashing its tech industry?

I noticed recently that when I reposted old posts/articles on Medium, it put them at the top of the timeline instead of slotting them in at the date of first publication. I assumed this was because it couldn’t determine that date. But I’m wondering if it’s a change of policy?

I bought a CD player a few months ago after years without one, and I’ve been using it mainly to play CDs. I just found out that when I’m playing through the audio-in port, it doesn’t recognize that anything is happening and eventually turns itself off, most likely mid-song 🤷‍♂️

I’m fully exempt from having to watch Shyamalan’s Old, because I’ve read the spoilers. Quite entertaining, actually.

Though I went to school in Sligo and was born and brought up in the county, I’ve been to the Sligo Jazz Festival only once, in 2012. I’d have gone this year but the festival was just virtual. I’m hoping to see the Scott Flanigan trio live before too long 🎶 🎹

The new lists feature in Medium has something useful that I hadn’t noticed till now: a “Recently viewed” tab that contains a history of the pages you’ve recently browsed on the site. Medium used to have a History page but they removed it a few years ago. I’m very glad it’s back.

Here’s the post explaining what Medium lists are about and how to make them. It’s all very straightforward: I made two of them (Book Talk before I saw this post, figured it out on my own.

The past two weeks haven’t gone particularly slowly, yet it seems like ages since I’ve sent out an issue of the newsletter. Well, here’s one at last: Uncovering the hidden side of Margot: The truth about “Cat Person”

This came in the post today. I think I’ll enjoy reading it.

The next wave of Facebook Bulletin writers in case you’re interested/curious. There’s nothing here that grabs my attention and I don’t want to have anything to do with FB anyway, but Bulletin might be worth keeping an eye on.

My second attempt at a Medium list naturally had to be about aphantasia and SDAM (severely deficient autobiographical memory)

Medium has a new feature: user-generated lists. This is my first attempt — Literary discussion and criticism